Welcome my friends and fellow Patriots,
This  Blog was created for WE THE PEOPLE OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA ,, and is dedicated to our country.

I, welcome all  Americans,  both natural born or naturalized legally , and those in the process of becoming or wanting to become legal citizens  through the  proper means  and process to be part of our family, and we yours,We The people are believers of the CONSTITUTION which we recognize as our Supreme Law of the Land and all the provision within her, to preserve and to protect  our inalienably rights given by our “CREATOR’, in pursuit  , of life, liberty and property with out any infringement from any form of dictatorship and tyranny government  It is our mission and our goal to UNITE all those who LOVES this great Nation and want to preserve it for our children and generations to come as our fathers and forgathers did going back from the founding fathers , and thru the immigration of our fathers  fathers , that came here with  dream , a hope , a desire, to be a free prosperous and a blessed nation of people that chooses to bless in return .

We  encourage all of you individuals, group owners, administrator for groups to join us and support this Mission to restoring our Nation. There is no competition to  separate ,  steal,  or recruit anyone  from you groups  lets be perfectly clear  ” OUR MISSION IS TO UNITED US ALL ” one voice, one people, one nation .

What are we doing here?

We are creating a 50 State article 5 amendment Petition representing all 50 states to be delivered to all 50 Governors,  and Senators calling that 2/3 rd or 30 of the states approves our petition and calls upon congress for a  “constitutional convention ” which they can not ignore that the constitution binds them to and address all the grievances of the people that they have continued to ignore,  this is or safety net and our right as WE THE PEOPLE to pursue and demand congress do their job or be replaced  . Please click the tab marked petition to follow the progress  until its completion,


4 thoughts on “About

  1. Us as American are the only ones that can take America back its time for Obama to be charged with his crimes against the anerican people and the constitution. Of the united stares demand impeachment and trial on criminal charges

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