List of all 50 States/Leaders

Alabama -Monte Stamps

Arizona – Robert G Miknaitis

Arkansas –Tim Medlin

California – Barbara Tracie Harris

Florida   – Erik Asher  -Raylina McCllen, Jean Dunn

Iowa  –  Ambrosa Rose,

Kentucky – Tammy Harrison

Louisiana- Michael Toups -( NationalDirector )

– Amanda Owens ,Bekah Pearson, Amy Turner, Tammy Guidry, Sherry Smith, Jonathan Appling,

Maryland  – Colleen Vanskiver, Edie Slattery,

Missouri  –  Christine Freeman,

New Mexico  – Jessica Gaboa,

Ohio –  Jane Cooper

New Mexico – Jessica  Camboa  (State Director )

West Virginia  -Hilda Belidlar (State Director)

Texas- Charlotte Sines, Len Michael, Bambi Byers English

SC – Robert G Miknaitis

Utah  – Adam Palmer-


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