2 Phase consoladated Plan of Action


Our Plan is to Restore / revitalize  the Constitution  is a  2 phase simultaneous one.
Here is how it works:   PHASE 1
Using the “citizens initiative plan” , this group has been in contact  and have  been working with the state legislatures for the last 8 years . Currently we have about 24 of the 38 states on board with the Art. V single amendment  convention,  we can get by with 34 which is  51 % , to get this  amendment called .  This plan is currently in full action  just need people to help fill in the slots in some states ,  would you like to help

This second Phase is just as important as the first ,  This phase is taking the petitions of each state into your local community , city ,  country/parish and on state level, along with peaceful assemblies to  call for this Art. V  single amendment , and to make our legislatures understand and know we  have had enough of Washington  destroying our constitution and they  ( the states) have the sovereign power  to call this .  Once we have enough signatures  these petitions  will be delivered to the judiciary committees of the state legislature , whats in the petition , each state has a petition pre-written stating the same thing that will accompany the signatures of the citizens of each state , along with a oath pledge and the 25 articles of treason against the current administration more could be added .

This cannot happen on Phase 2 without your support  and help , what we need are people who want to take back their country by going door to door, also going to public areas and getting your community  to sign it and asking people to help you as well in achieving our goals, and to  get marches and peacefuller rally’s together and no racial or hate slurs , there is no call for it , no matter how mad we are at the current administration  .  This is your  future and the future of your children , grand children and family ,,  what say you are you willing to help  let us know so we can get you started … Thank you ,  and God Bless America  and America lets Bless God in return..
Michael Toups
We the people of the united states group


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